'In the UK £440,000,000 of pork/ham/bacon is wasted every year.

That is the equivalent of 93,000 tonnes’


Here is a photo of my dad’s pig farm I want to use this photo as a visual representative to put this fact into perspective. In this photo and in this shed we have on average 1200 pigs at a time.

when the pigs leave they will weigh 100 kg on average

so all the pigs in this shed works out at 120 tonnes.

This means that in the UK every year, we waste 775 sheds full of pigs like the picture above.

This works out at around 930,000 pigs wasted

I have also worked out that this is the equivalent of my dad producing pigs back to back for 313 years.

And it all being wasted.

I find this incredibly shocking.